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Review your meds with a MOBE Pharmacist.

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Look at the big picture with a MOBE Pharmacist.

From your past health history to any new or recent treatments, a MOBE Pharmacist is here to help you put it all together. They help you build the best medication plan for your health goals by looking at all your prescriptions—across providers, pharmacies, and clinics—and listening to your concerns, as well as what has or hasn’t worked in the past.

You’ll also learn more about how any over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, and/or herbal remedies fit into your treatment plan. Your Pharmacist will partner with your MOBE Guide to optimize any lifestyle changes you might make to best support your medication situation.

About MOBE Pharmacists

Make the most of your meds.

The amount and types of medications you need may change over time, which is why going through them with a professional at least once a year is vital. Family history, age, and changes to your health status, weight, physical activity, and diet can all impact the dosage that’s right for you. An unhurried, one-to-one call with a MOBE Pharmacist is your chance to ask questions and discuss:

  • How your medications work in your body and how to tell if they’re still working for you.
  • If your medications fit your lifestyle, schedule, and cost considerations.
  • The proper way and time to take your medications.
  • The correct dosage for your current situation.
  • Possible interactions and side effects.

Your Pharmacist will provide you with suggestions to consider and discuss with your providers. All of this to help you achieve your health goals with the least amount of medications necessary, that help you feel the best in a safe and convenient way.

Thanks to [my MOBE Pharmacist], I’m more positive about my meds and more verbal about what I really want.”

Donna, MOBE participant

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I had all of my supplements in a row in front of me, and we went through every single one. [My MOBE Pharmacist] was very patient. I almost feel like she’s a good friend.”

Deborah, MOBE participant

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It might be time to call a MOBE Pharmacist if:

  1. You don’t like how your medications make you feel or have trouble taking them as prescribed.
  2. You’ve experienced changes in your overall health or weight, or have made big changes to your diet.
  3. It’s been a year or more since a pharmacist has reviewed all of your medications.
  4. You’re prescribed medication from more than one health care provider or fill them at more than one pharmacy.
  5. You recently started a new medication.
  6. You have a question about one or more of your medications or your overall treatment plan.